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5 Simple Tips to reduce belly fat fast

5 Simple Tips to reduce belly fat fast

Nowadays belly fat is a very big problem for people. because people look bad in belly fat. but look is not the only problem. excess belly fat also promotes type 2 diabetes. this is why losing belly fat is very important for health and long life.

As we all know belly fat is excess abdominal fat surrounding in your stomach area. you can simply measure your belly at home. in woman size is more than 35 inches indicates an unhealthy amount of belly fat and in man more then 40 inches indicates an unhealthy amount of belly fat.

Here are 5 simple tips to reduce belly fat

Consume fewer calories, burn more calories

A caloric deficit is very important for weight loss without this you can not lose even 1kg weight or fat. so whatever calories you are burning on a daily basis consume at least 300-500 fewer calories. then only you will able to lose your weight or fat. but don’t try to consume too much fewer calories because in that case, you will lose your muscles too and you could also hurt your body by consuming too much fewer calories. as a general rule people need at least 1200 to 1500 calories per day to stay healthy.

Eat more protein and healthy fat

Protein is a very important macronutrient for weight loss. protein reduces hunger hormones. this is why protein helps you in weight loss. it can make you eat fewer calories. with a high protein diet, you will also save your muscles because protein is the building block of your muscles eating good amount of protein helps you maintain your muscle mass.

a good amount of protein will help you to maintain your muscles and you will lose weight as fat. for weight loss, you should consume at least 1gm protein per lbs ( 1kg = 2.2 lbs ) chicken breast, egg white, fish, chickpeas, lentils whey protein are some good source of protein.

you also need some healthy fat for fat loss because you can not take all calories from protein. don’t worry healthy fat will not increase your fat, in fact, it will help you to lose your weight. olive oil, peanut butter, almonds, avocados, flax seeds are some good source of healthy fat

Avoid junk food and alcohol

Avoid junk food and alcohol is very important for fat loss. too much junk food and alcohol cause belly fat. because junk foods and alcohol contain too many calories and these excess calories later convert into fat. most of the people start dieting but they don’t get the result because they forget to avoid junk food and alcohol.

Low your carb intake

Cut down your carb from your diet. cutting carbs is a very effective way of losing fat low carb diet lead to a quick reduction in water weight which may give you result very soon. carbohydrate is main source of energy when we cut down our carbs our body burn stored fat for energy and this process ultimately leads to fat loss. keep your carb intake between 50 to 100gm per day to get fast result.

Eat vegetables and drink more water

Eat vegetables at least 2 times a day. vegetables contain vitamin and minerals which is very important for fat loss. vegetables are also low calories foods so if you will take vegetables before half an hour of lunch and dinner then it will make you eat less food in your lunch and dinner. and it will also help you to digest your food. drinking water is also very important for weight loss it will keep you hydrate and will help you to burn more calories. water also help you in digestion drink at least 3 to 4-litre water per day and take your water before and after half an hour of your meal,


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