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Importance of Physical fitness

Importance of Physical fitness

Physical activity and exercise is very important for everyone. numerous study shows that a fit person live longer than a normal person. being physical active also help you to maintain your health and quality of your life. here are few importance of fitness.

Improve quality of your life 

Phsiqual fitness improve mood and mental health, and also provide numerous health benefit. fitness also imrove your personalty. physical activity  reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and many diseases. fitness keeps you healthy in every stage of your age and improve overall quality of your life. 

Good for muscle and bones 

Exercising on regular bases helps in making your body phqsicaly stronger because it builds muscle strength. stronger bones helps in better balance which means greater stablity and less injuries. bones and muscles both become stronger when muscles push and pull in phqsical activities.

Improve health 

There are so many health benefit of physical activity.  physical activity improves blood circulation, which reduce the risk of heart diseases and also improve blood cholesterol level. staying phqsical active also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers. fitness also keeps you away from unhealthy food and beverages like alcohol, junk food and many others unhealty foods.

Help in weight loss and weight gain

Fitness also help in weight loss and weight gain. with the help of a good diet plan and workout plan you can lose or gain your body weight. and also make your body shape like fitness model or bodybulider. phqsical activity also keep your body active and boost your energy level.

Improve mental health and mood 

Exercise is very beneficial for your brain. exercise triggers the release of harmones that facilitate the growth of brain cells. exercise increase heart rate which pump more oxygen to the brain. furthermore oxygen helps to imrove memory by increasing the size of the hippocampus ( the part of the brain responsible for memory ) along with this exercise also makes your mood happier.  harmones like endorphins that are release during exercise evoke positive feeling and pushes away negetive feelings. this is why exercise is very good for people suffering from depression.


Phqsical activity or exercing is very important for your life. there is too much benefit of exercing like mental health improvment , quality of life improvment, overall health, and many more other benefits.

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